February 9th, 2008

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dumb 4channers

"we protest cus we have no life"

pretty much sums up those fat fucks...

(go to hell 4chan!)
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my opinion on "mit"

at first when someone told me about "mit" i thought it was some kind of electronic tool or a computer chip for an odd use...

but instead, its an initial for "Massachusetts Institute of Technology" which, after some research, is full of the biggest fucking nerds i have ever fucking seen in my life!

i mean, wow, who gives a shit about you knowing a shit load about technology? yeah sure, its going to land you big bucks, but two flaws, one, you aint going to get laid, and two, people are going to hate you to death (like me) and your going to end up with a fist through your fat face or a brick into your limo!

there, that is all!

(i stay home for my protection!)
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entry regarding leisuresuitgaming

leisuresuitgaming is a channel on youtube which i used to subscribe to cus of his kickass reviews on games lick action 52, but he since he would rather get drunk with his fucking bitch and have sex with her slutty ass, i quit subscribing to him and leave a message for him

"you know what, its ok if you prefer to fuck your retarded bitch over entertaining youtube, im just saying that you can go kiss my subscription to you goodbye and hope you get AIDS from you slutbag of a bitchy girlfriend..."

(have fun getting AIDS asshole!)
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