February 11th, 2008


NEWS FLASH! - SL nightclub shuts down after paying my client his compensation -snowflake

for those that are wondering what this is all about, refer to this entry here: http://rossthefox.livejournal.com/15769.html

anywayz, here is the following info regarding the trial...

the case with ross vs. (SL nightclub and orgy group), has ended with judge Roger Wilco sentencing the nightclub to pay a ten grand compensation to Allan "the fox" Ross for fraud and other illegal activities

plaintiff: Allan "the fox" Ross, a 20 year old from Louisiana, has sued the nightclub, a staff of its security, and a group of young ladies for fraudery.
comment: Yeah, i was just giving a little money to the group just to participate in the orgy and all i got was an hour long date with a stare at the brick wall all alone in a bedroom, and i got pissed and asked for simple compensation from the group when the security staff member threw me out for attempting a rape.

defendents: SL nightclub, a staff of its security, and the orgy group was sentenced to pay ten grand in compensation for fraud.
comment from an orgy member: i thought at first this was all a joke, but i couldnt believe that olaf would actually sue us along with a nightclub just over a stupid orgy! seriously, this fat fuck needs to get a life!
comment from the security staff member: i was shocked when i heard this guy is sueing my workplace over that orgy and thought this guy is a bit loony, but hey, some guys just need a little loving every once in a while...
comment from nightclub owner: it saddened me to hear about fraudery going on in my nightclub and has not only fired the security staff member for not responding properly, but is happily compliant to pay the hefty compensation for the horrid tragedy.

days later after Ross has received his compensation, the nightclub was forced to shut down due to financial issues

second comment from orgy member: its fucking retarded how a fatso shut down a nightclub cus he couldnt get pussy, how fucking retarded!

second comment from Ross: at first, i was a little sad that the club shut down, but then again, it deserved it for all the illegal things it ran inside of it

and that is all the info i can share about the case!

i am also happy to report that Ross used his compensation to pay his debts and to pay half of his medical bills!

-snowflake, ross's attorney/friend

(this was an actual case! -ross)