February 12th, 2008

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for the people that go...

duh, you spent money on a virtual genitalia in a "furry" game, dude, that is probably the most pathetic thing ever!

well i got news for you, it happens when the real world treats me like crap!

as in, getting kicked out of college for a bullshit reason, getting jumped by the students every time i set foot on their campus, not being able to get a job cus they get stolen by college students and dont say they got them jobs cus they earned them! they dont earn that anymore than they earn to lay below me and take a nice lovely piss on their fat nerdy faces! and then i try to go out to nightclubs, parties, etc., and i end up coming home with either a black eye, a bloody nose, some teeth knocked out, a bloody mouth, some bruises or wounds, or shot up by a gunmen! and again, dont say its all because you dont fit in! sorry i dont fit in, i dont  want to dress like a nigger, talk like a nigger, dance to nigger music, listen to gay ass daft punk music, etc.! and finally, those fucking pigs arrest me for whatever fucking reason they can pull out of their fat, donut filled head and lock me up for it! again, dont go you probably broke a law you fucking moron! what law? eating the last donut at the donut shop? drinking down the last cup of coffee at starbucks? killing a bug? seriously, those pigs are fucked up...

so there, that is my extended reason on why i rather stay home for my protection while IRCing and playing second life than to go out and have all that shit happen to me...

and finally, im not gay, ninja is not my boyfriend, he is not my slave, he is just there to help support me financially cus he knows how much shit the real world makes me go through and feels sorry for me...there, that is all!!!

(stfu assholes)
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