March 12th, 2008

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entry regarding roo-kie's lie...

ok, some fucktard by the name of 'roo-kie' just claimed he just sued me for all my money...i got news for you...that never roo-kie, please shut the fuck up and go suck a cock you fag!
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another retarded nightclub on second life...

before you people go "its illegal to run around naked in public" second life does not apply ok?

or at least in the 'mature' sections of the those sections, you can run around butt naked all you want, but this nightclub, despite it being in a mature section, goes all apeshit on me...seriously, this club, like the other one, needs to take a chill pill and relax!

*ross joins (SL nightclub)
security: um can't be naked
ross: its the mature section, what you talking about?
security: its against nightclub rules
ross: yeah, if its for kids
ross: i go into nightclubs naked all the time
ross: wtf is the problem here?
*you have been kicked out (arguing with the rules)


(dont redicule our lawsuits!)
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