April 11th, 2008

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having enough of the media flaming second life...

ok, i know that SL is not one of the greatest games ever made, BUT THE PEOPLE SAYING ITS FULL OF FURRIES AND WHATNOT ARE PISSING ME OFF!

seriously, second life is made as an MMO for social interactions among humans in a virtual world, IT IS NOT WHAT THE MEDIA LIKE KOTAKU AND JON STEWART SAID ABOUT SECOND LIFE BEING FULL OF FURRIES AND PEOPLE WITH NO LIFE!

and if those people i just described are reading this, let me tell you what my reaction is...you are so fucking...

seriously, not everyone on there has no life, they are regular people like me and the readers of my blog! and as for the furries, i say that the percentage of furry users on SL is no more than 50%.

seriously, stfu, before my next plane trip is up to a news stand and punching an anchorman/anchorwoman eyes out!
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