April 24th, 2008

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finally found that alcoholic idiot!!!

ok, remember in an earlier entry where i said i was hunting down an alcoholic asshole for taking away a bitch from me?

well, i found him finally...and this is what happened

*ross activates a device to hunt down a user, the device finds the asshole in a stripclub drinking down whiskies
*ross busts into the club "OK (censored) IM GOING TO KILL YOUR ASS NOW!!!
*ross shoots at the drunkard before starting a beacon outside the club which summons nukes to rain down and blow the club to hell!

*worker: wtf is your problem?
*ross: you at the club i blew to hell?
*worker: im just going to say that you are the most immature piece of shit that graced a sim in SL

why thank you, im glad i sure am....and im also happy that the last thing this SOB saw was the tip of a nuke!
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