June 12th, 2008

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entry regarding piracy...

ok, its one thing to steal another kid's gameboy, but its downright wrong for fucking pirates to pirate video games off the net for fucking free!

they may give us reasons like:
a. the game is kinda sucky!
b. just testing it
c. i aint paying for this garbage!

and before you people burn me at a post for this, let me tell you pirates out that if you get caught, PIRATING GAME, you could end up IN PRISON FOR AT LEAST TWO OR THREE YEARS!

and again, before you get your torches and pitchforks, im also go on a little rant at about how the gaming industry is being harmed cus of piracy and it COSTS MONEY to MAKE GAMES. if everybody keeps pirating games, then the INDUSTRIES WILL JUST FLAT OUT SHUT DOWN AND WE END UP WITH ANOTHER GAMING APOCALYPSE LIKE THE TIME ATARI 2600 DIED!

seriously, have a think about it...
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my kittens have been cat-napped!!! DX DX DX

sometime a while ago, my parents thought i was a "danger" to my own kittens and decided to barge into my bedroom, nap the kitties, hopped onto my dad's truck and hauled it away from my neighborhood...to give kids in the neighboring residential area kittens...cus my father thinks that "these kittens are for children, NOT GROWN MEN WHO CANT GET A GRIP ON THEMSELVES!!!

well anywayz, here is the two pics i got of the cute kitties...*sobs*

....goddammit i miss them so much.....*sobs loudly*

(bestiality discussion is not allowed here)
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